RMC-M110A Electric Pressure Multi Cooker

The Redmond RMC-M110A combines the benefits of an electric pressure cooker and a multi cooker in one innovative cooking appliance. The feature rich device has a unique custom-cooking CHEF mode that allows you to adjust temperature and time for any type of food. It comes with 55 automatic programs with multiple settings such as Steam, Bake, Fry, Saute, Slow Cook, and Stew. Key Feature include:

  • A Pressure Cooker & Multi Cooker with digital display
  • A large 4.8L bowl with a non-stick coating
  • 55 automatic programs with adjustable time for pressure & multi cooking
  • CHEF Mode – for Custom cooking with variable temperature and time
  • REHEAT function | KEEP WARM function | TIME DELAY function
  • Disable KEEP WARM function in advance
  • 4 Level Protection System – guarantees absolute safety and reliability
  • Removable Steam Valve
  • 100 Recipe Cook Book
  • 2 Year Warranty

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    The Electric Pressure Multi Cooker Redmond RMC-M110A is a unique model, which ideally combines functions of a powerful pressure cooker and an innovative multi cooker. The main feature of this kitchen appliance is the "CHIEF-COOK" mode, which allows setting the cooking time. The RMC-M110A comes equipped with 55 cooking programs and 4-level protection system, which guarantees absolute safety and reliability of pressure cooker operation. Popular programs include CHILI - for cooking different bean dishes, SLOW COOK - a special mode for stewing and slow cooking at low temperatures, POPCORN - for making home-made popcorn, FRY, STEAM, SAUTE, BAKE and the others.

    Cooking in this pressure cooker is a fair pleasure - sophisticated and healthy dishes are cooked quickly and easily. This handy device easily replaces several over-priced appliances and also saves space in Your kitchen.

    Using the Redmond RMC-M110A as a pressure cooker will help you to cook vegetables, meat, fish, soup, and other meals while preserving mineral and vitamin content of the food. The locked position of the steam valve causes pressurization and maintains high pressure throughout the whole process. The water starts boiling and producing steam at a temperature higher than 100°C which considerably shortens the time and helps to preserve minerals and vitamins in the food. Cooking under high pressure limits the access of oxygen, preserving the useful properties of the meal.

    On the other hand, REDMOND RMC – M110A may be used as a Multi Cooker to cook under normal pressure.



    This function automatically activates at the end of the cooking program and keeps a meal warm for 8 hours. Preliminary disabling Keep Warm feature is essential if the dish is cooked at low temperatures, doesn't require reheating and it also helps to reduce power consumption.

    The "POPCORN" program is a unique feature of the multi-cooker. Thanks to it you can quickly and easily make crispy popcorn at home in a matter of minutes being sure of its quality.

    Sterilization is a thermal processing of dishware with hot water or steam, as a result of which all microorganisms are killed. Baby bottles, pacifiers and utensils for storing home-made canned goods should be sterilized.




    • Bowl Capacity: 5 Qt / 4.8 L l
    • Power Input: 900 W
    • Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
    • Display: LED
    • Removable steam valve: yes
    • Removable inner lid: yes
    • Number of programs: 14 programs (14 automatic)
    • KEEP WARM function Yes, up to 8 hours
    • REHEAT function Yes, up to 8 hours
    • TIME DELAY function Yes, up to 24 hours
    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited months


A Multi Cooker is a tabletop appliance that can cook multiple types of meals using multiple cooking methods and preset programs. Simply place the food ingredients into the Multi Cooker and press a button. 

Why Redmond?

Spend more time with friends instead of cooking. Redmond Multi Cookers and their quick one touch cooking will give you that free time.

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Redmond Multi Cooker

Spend more time with friends instead of cooking. Redmond Multi Cookers and their quick one touch cooking will give you that free time.

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Thinking about the perfect gift of cooking convenience and health? Redmond Multi Cookers are something that everyone can use.

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