RMC-M90A Electric Multi Cooker

The Redmond RMC-M90A Electric Multi Cooker features high-end functions such as a no-pressure thermal-touch control panel, an eco-friendly ceramic non-stick bowl, 3-D Heating to cook food more evenly from all sides, and a unique MULTI COOK mode that allows you to adjust cooking temperature and time to cook any type of food in multiple cooking styles. Seventeen automatic, and 28 manual cooking programs provide you numerous options for quick, easy, and nutritious meals, that are mess-free. Key features include:


  • A Multi Cooker with digital display and a no-pressure thermal-touch control panel
  • A large 5L bowl with an eco-friendly, ceramic non-stick coating
  • 17 automatic and 28 manual programs with adjustable cooking time
  • MULTI COOK Mode – for custom cooking with variable temperature and time
  • 3-D Heating –cooks food more evenly with heat from the bottom, sides, and top
  • REHEAT function | KEEP WARM function | TIME DELAY function
  • Disable KEEP WARM function in advance
  • Multiple Level Protection System – guarantees absolute safety and reliability
  • 100 Recipe Cook Book
  • 2 Year Warranty

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    A compact multi-cooker which functions as a stove, an oven, a deep fryer and a slow cooker. The device is controlled with intuitive sensor panel MOTouch®. The list of available programs will impress even the most sophisticated cookery specialists: "Soup", "Pizza", "Yoghurt" and 14 other programs. BBQ shrimp or Beef chili will be cooked automatically. If you plan to cook dishes on original family recipes or make a vitamin-rich breakfast use a MULTICOOK program to adjust the temperature within the range from 35°C (95°F) to 170°C (340°F) and the time from 5 minutes to 16 hours. A glossy plastic housing is kept cool during device operation.

    Handles of the bowl are made of heat-resistant plastic to provide maximum convenience that's why the bowl can be easily removed at the end of cooking.


    The MULTICOOK program allows adjusting cooking parameters in the multi-cooker and cook dishes based on any recipes, found in the cookbook or the Internet. The temperature can be adjusted between 35°С and 170°С in 5°С interval, the time can be set between 2 minutes and 15 hours in 1 minute interval.

    Pasteurization is a thermal product processing to kill harmful for a health at temperatures not higher than 100°C. It is used for sterilizing food products mainly liquids, and also for extending their shelf life. The nutritional value remains almost the same.

    Sterilization is a thermal processing of dishware with hot water or steam, as a result of which all microorganisms are killed. Baby bottles, pacifiers and utensils for storing home-made canned goods should be sterilized.




    • Bowl Capacity: 5.25 Qt / 5 L l
    • Power Input: 860 W
    • Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz
    • Display: LED
    • Removable steam valve: yes
    • Removable inner lid: yes
    • Number of programs: 17 programs (17 automatic)
    • REHEAT function Yes, up to 12 hours
    • Disable KEEP WARM in advance yes
    • KEEP WARM function up to 24 hours
    • TIME DELAY function up to 24 hours
    • Warranty:24 months


A Multi Cooker is a tabletop appliance that can cook multiple types of meals using multiple cooking methods and preset programs. Simply place the food ingredients into the Multi Cooker and press a button. 

Why Redmond?

Spend more time with friends instead of cooking. Redmond Multi Cookers and their quick one touch cooking will give you that free time.

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Redmond Multi Cooker

Spend more time with friends instead of cooking. Redmond Multi Cookers and their quick one touch cooking will give you that free time.

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Thinking about the perfect gift of cooking convenience and health? Redmond Multi Cookers are something that everyone can use.

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